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1. Pull until the cord snaps into place.
2. Fasten to the cord. ( see alternatives also )


Tips of how to make elastic loops

User guide

 Alternative fastening positions

1. By the cable connection,
works well when the cable is attached to the device, for example mobile chargers.


2. By the plug ,
Good for MP3 players,  makes it quick and easy to bundle, shorten and "unpack" the headphone cable.

3. Bundle two cables together ,
    useful when two short cables belong to the same device, examples :
    - USB and power cable for an external harddrive
    - file transfer and recording cable for an MP3 player


Other advantages :

  1. After a short time of using KabelHolla most cables become slightly spiral shaped, benefits :
    - the cables becomes easier to handle .
    - bundling and unpacking of cables goes easier .
  2. The risk of cable breakage is reduced when the cable is bundled by "rolling" instead of "folding" it.

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