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Tips ( DIY )
Battery charge indicator
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Bicycle pump holder
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- New tips, 2014 -

Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



Battery charge indicator

This indicator makes it easy to remember which batteries are charged or not,
tape it on battery cases / holders .

How to make it :

1. Print out the PDF document  : charge_indicator.pdf
  ( alternative version with numbers : charge_indicator_2.pdf )

2. Cut out the indicator, fold and tape it on the inside of the battery case.

 3. How to use it :
 - Place the positive side of the battery to the green if its charged
   and turn it around to the red side if it is empty.

( If the batteries "rattles" annoyingly you can
  tape a piece of soft foam inside the battery case. )

If the batteries lays in the same direction as the lid is opened
it is more practical to tape a single sided indicator on the outside.


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