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Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



Reflector / Light boxSvenska

How to make a reflector and "lightbox"
 for use with or without the PilleVippo bouncer

A cheap and versatile "DIY" solution for reflecting light.

- the two parts can be put together in a shape of "box" or be used as separate reflectors ,
- two sides; white and silver , quick to setup, folds flat,
- the bungee cords that holds the refector sides together also lets you fasten backgrounds,
  hang objects from "the ceiling" and attach the reflector to a shaft or similar .

Alternative setups,
- Open backside, makes it possible to use a longer distance between camera and
  object and also to make dark/ toned backgrounds.
- Side light (only when the camera is in "portrait position")

The reflectors can be tilted forwards or backwards
by placing some kind of support like shown below.

Can also be fastened to a shaft with a couple of ball bungees and wood sticks,
tilt up- or downwards like shown below. (detail image)

How to make it

- 4 pcs of styroform sheets, size 60 x 60 cm and 20 mm thick.
   (you can also use 10 mm foam board (foam core), it's more robust but also more expensive...)
- aluminium foil (use the matte side for reflector)
- 10 meters of 3 mm (1/8 inch) white shock cord
- a piece/sheet of plastic for the edge protectors
- double adhesive tape (I have used carpet tape)
- clear packing tape


Make the "silver" side like shown below (use the matte side of the aluminium as reflector
to avoid "hot spots" and uneven light)
, reinforce the edges (on the shiny side of the aluminium)
with tape and use a few bits of self adhesive tape to fasten it to the styrofoam sheets.


Make the edge protectors out of a piece of clear or white plastic,
(I have used a piece of polypropylene (PP) plastic from a cookie box),
these protectors prevents the cord from cutting into the soft styroform edges.
cutting template: Edge_protector.pdf (for 10 and 20 mm thick sheets)


Cut the shock cord in four 240 cm lengths and fold each one on the middle,
place the knots like shown below (tighten hard between each one),
cut off excess cord and melt the ends with a lighter.


Snap on the edge protectors.

Assemble as shown below.


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