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Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



SkottiRotta Lens cap holder

How to make a holder that makes it easy to attach the lens cap to the camera strap.

Holds the cap securely, the dual hook design allows one-hand fastening
regardless of whether the camera hangs around the neck or is held in hand.

Idea and design by Benny Johansson


Alternative designs ....

With an attachment hole .... 

How to make it

Materials :
A piece of plastic, size 45 x 35 x 1 mm ,
  recommended plastic type is HD-PE*, it is robust, easy to cut and
  can be found in shampoo bottles and similar
  ( just make shure the thickness is at least 1,0 mm )
  *sometimes HD-PE is labeled as "2" with a recycling triangle around it.

- Elastic cord (shock cord), diameter/size 2,5 mm, 3/32 inch or 2 mm,
  length: 8-25 cm ,

Cut out the plastic piece and flatten it,
- print out the template SkottiRotta.pdf and cut out the one that fits your strap,
- tape the template onto the plastic piece.

Mark along the cutting lines and make the holes with a drill or a hole puncher.


Remove the paper template and cut out the cord lock.
Important : cut out the "cord holder hole" like shown in fig. A-C
and make the opening/gap thin to start with,
if the cord is difficult to remove make the opening wider in small steps.

How to make a small elastic loop on lens caps

Make two holes with a drill of the same diameter as the elastic cord.
( distance between the holes, center to center : 12 mm)


Attach a 10 cm long elastic cord and cut off the ends like shown below.


If your camera only has one lens/ one lens cap it might be more practical to attach
the lens cap to the camera (as shown on the Olympus camera on top of this page),
for this you will need a 15-25 cm long elastic cord.


Copyright © Benny Johansson