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- Flashlight holder


Tips ( DIY )
- Battery charge indicator
- Battery holder
- Bicycle pump holder
- Flashlight holders :
   - medium
    - mini 1 , mini 2
    - micro

- Lens cap holder
- Flash bouncer
   - small reflector
   - big reflector/ light box

- New tips, 2014 -

Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



( click here to see the "mini lanyard" version of a 1AAA flashlight holder )

Mini flashlight holder - headlamp version

How to make a holder that can be used for fastening
a mini flashlight (size 1AAA) to the head when you want hands-free light,
 - Quick to use (... from flashlight to headlamp in less than 5 sec.....)
 - Compact in size, only adds a few millimeter to the flashlight thickness
 - Low weight, easy to make 
Flashlight holder
The flashlight can be positioned on the head in 2 ways:
- straight forward as shown above  
- downwards as shown below

Can also be attached to different objects (size/diameter 10- 120 mm)

or hung like shown below.

How to make it

Materials :
- 2 cable ties, length 100 mm or 4 inch
A piece of plastic, size 20 x 20 x 1 mm ,
  recommended plastic type is HD-PE*, it is robust, easy to cut and
  can be found in different kinds of "household" bottles .
   *sometimes HD-PE is labeled as "2" with a recycling triangle around it.

- Elastic cord (shock cord), diameter/size 2,5 mm or 3/32 inch, length: 70 cm.


- Make a 10 mm round plastic "washer" out of the plastic piece and
  punch or drill a 2 mm hole in the middle
 ( make the hole 2,5 mm wide if you use a harder material than HD-PE). 

- Cut off the "lock part" off one of the cable ties.
- Assemble parts as shown below.
- Tighten the cable tie hard (use a plier) and cut off the end.


- Make the large loop, adjust the size to fit comfortably on your head.
- tighten the knot hard as shown below to preserve the loop size.
- make the small loop (18 mm, tighten the knot hard in the same way ),
  cut off the cord ends and melt them with a lighter (unless you want frayed ends).


- The lanyard can be wrapped around the flashlight as shown below.


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