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Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



Battery holder with a charge indicator

How to make a simple holder for rechargeable batteries
with a indicator that helps to remember which battery is full or empty.

Materials :
- Elastic webbing: 20-25 mm wide and 24 cm long (4x AA) (21 cm for 4x AAA).
- A stapler.
- clear tape

1. Melt the ends with a lighter and fold the webbing on the middle.
2. Staple the webbing 4 times with 21 mm (15 mm for AAA) between
    the staples and bend in the staple ends with a flat screwdriver .

3. Print and cut out the chargeindicator.pdf and tape it
   around one webbing and make sure the tape overlaps on the backside,
   Place 1 staple above the indicator to prevent it from sliding off.

4. How to use it :
 - Place the positive side of the battery to the green if its fully charged
   and turn it around to the red side if it is empty.

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