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Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



Flashlight holder - elastic lanyard and rubber grip

How to make a practical and versatile flashlight accessory that makes it possible to
fasten the flashlight in many ways when you want hands-free light.

Example of use:
- small and medium sized flashlights (2AAA and 2AA)
   ( see the LampiFix website for detailed user guide and more tips) 

- Large flashlights (2D) can be fastened as shown below.

How to make it

Materials :
1. Elastic cord/ shock cord: 70 cm long, diameter/size:
  - 3 mm or 1/8 inch for 2AAA flashlights
  - 3,5- 4 mm or 5/32 inch for 2AA- 2D flashlights  
2. Cord lock : with a single hole and a strong spring. 
3. Keyring/ split ring : 10- 20 mm
4. Rubber grip/sleeve, made from self fusing silicone rubber tape or a bicycle inner tube.


Make the elastic lanyard like shown below. 

Make the rubber grip/sleeve in one of these ways:

Alternative 1: from a bicycle inner tube
- The tube inside diameter : 2-5 mm smaller than the flashlight handle.
- Lenght : as long as the flashlight handle .

Alternative 2:
The rubber grip can also be made by using a self fusing silicone tape 


The lanyard can be fastened with a cable tie if the flashlight lacks a lanyard hole.


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