- Cable bundler

- Flashlight holder


Tips ( DIY )
Battery charge indicator
- Battery holder
Bicycle pump holder
- Flashlight holders :
   - medium
    - mini 1 , mini 2
    - micro

- Lens cap holder
- Flash bouncer
   - small reflector
   - big reflector/ light box

- New tips, 2014 -

Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



Bicycle pump holder

Holds the pump securely without scratching the frame and can easily
be "folded" out of the way when you carry the bicycle .

... can also be attached to the down or seat tube.

How to make it

Material :
- Elastic cord/ shock cord: size/diameter 4-5 mm, length 100 cm.

1. Cut the cord in 2 x 50 cm long lengths.

2. Tie the knots,
   place them like shown below and tighten hard to preserve the loop sizes:
   ( it's important to hold as shown below when tightening, otherwise the loop size will change)
 - A, 3 cm (measured when straightened)
 - B, 10 cm (make it longer if the frame tubes are very thick)
 - C, 1 cm
 Cut off the cord ends and melt them with a lighter.

3. Fasten them to the pump .


4. Fasten the pump to the bicycle frame like this :

The pump can be "folded" out of the way when you carry the bike :

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