- Cable bundler

- Flashlight holder


Tips ( DIY )
Battery charge indicator
- Battery holder
Bicycle pump holder
- Flashlight holders :
   - medium
    - mini 1 , mini 2
    - micro

- Lens cap holder
- Flash bouncer
   - small reflector
   - big reflector/ light box

- New tips, 2014 -

Prototypes :
Bicycle bottle holders



 DIY Tips

Ideas and design by Benny Johansson

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phone tripod 32014-02-20
Mini stand/ tripod for smartphones, version 3,
small and light, fits on a keychain.
phone tripod 22014-02-20
Mini stand/ tripod for smartphones, version 2,
fits on top of bottles or stands by it self,
small, light and foldable.
phone tripod 12014-02-20
Mini stand/ tripod for smartphones, version 1,
tripod on one side and viewing stand on the other,
small, light and foldable, fits in a wallet.
cable holder2014-02-20
Cable holder for desktop.
big reflector2012
Large reflector, white and silver sides,
foldable, can also be used as a "light box" .
mini reflector2012
Mini reflector, white and silver sides,
flash bouncer2012
Flash bouncer / diffuser for compact, long zoom
and SLR cameras, with easily interchangeable mirror or
diffuser materials, foldable.
flashlight holder medium2010
Flashlight holder,
DIY version of the LampiFix.
flashlight holder 22010
Mini Flashlight holder 2, mini lanyard.
flashlight holder mini 12010
Mini Flashlight holder 1, headlamp version.
lens cap holder2010
Lens cap holder for cameras,
fastens the cap to the shoulder strap.
battery holder2006
Holder for batteries size AA and AAA,
with a charge indicator.
battery indicator2006
Charge indicator for battery cases,
tape on battery case to remember which batteries
that are charged or discharged.
pump holder2006
Bicycle pump holder, simple and flexible,
attached to pump, fits most type of bike frames.

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